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Well, I've been playing a long time! Started playing guitar at 9 years old and starting playing in pubs when I was 16. I have never really lost the bug for playing live and meeting lots of interesting people as I travel around.

My music career started in Adelaide and moved to Sydney in the 90's where I started a duo called "Tib & Daz" which become one of Sydney's most worked and populare live acts. The duo was originally created to pay for our original projects as Tib and I were trying to become recording artist. We ended getting an international management contract and a lot of songs published but just couldn't get that recording deal...oh well it's a long way to the top if....

Anyway after Tib & Daz Tib went on to other things and I started doing solo work (as DAZ) and a rock trio called "Remote Control". I also was guest guitarist/vocalist for many bands including "Radio Bandits" and "Celebration Mix" two very popular bands playing around Sydney.

These days I am back in Sydney and loving playing in my home town!

If you are near a venue I'm playing at, make sure you drop in and say hi!



Daz and EVH

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